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Big Boy Baller Club

by Baby Baby

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anabolic squirrel
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anabolic squirrel One of my favorite bands to see live, this album doesn't disappoint. Plenty of hooks, kind of reminds me of a more up tempo Hellogoodbye. Miss seeing them in the southeast. Favorite track: NASA.
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SuperRad This is the most fun you will ever have listening to an album. Favorite track: Keisha.
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Intro 00:53
Turnip 02:55
Yeah we got it! You want it? We own it! Its been done son! We’re a rock band Power and descruction We got rock em sock em robots For lil’ lambrogini If you do not feel then Do not worry bout the meaning Yeah we like to have some fun But that does not void out the feeling We can do this all night long so baby tell me what you wanna do TURN UP DEM BOYZ ARE BACK AND AIN’T A DAMN THING YA’LL CAN DO ‘BOUT IT TURN UP. Yeah I said it You mad? I meant it! Can I approach you? Have ya tied up begging for forgiveness And I’m looking for a girl to come and cook the brother dinner Got a hungry hungry hippo and its right below my zipper But if you looking for a ring well then I cannot help you out Gonna be a little busy bring rock and roll back to the south DEM BOYZ ARE BACK AND AIN’T A DAMN THING YA’LL CAN DO ‘BOUT IT TURN UP.
Keisha 03:30
Listen, me and Keisha had an agreement. I’m not even ‘spose to be telling ya’ll this much! But I woke up one day I felt in my heart of hearts that at the very least the name Keisha needed to spoken to the people. Of course I had to say a couple more things while I was on the mic, which I do apologize for. Ok I gotta get outta here, I’m technically supposed to be waiting by the phone for Keisha to call, but its been two years and no word. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Why would I be sitting by a phone waiting for a call in the prime of my life?’ When she put that thang down I saw the light! And there ain’t no light switch for this one guys. Last thing, if you have a beautiful woman by your side right now kiss her on the forehead and tell her she’s the only one your heart beats for. And if its too early for that kinda talk wait til she stands up and give her a re-affirming hug. She’ll understand.
If you want me you can find me With all the scenes around me With all these smiles about me I'm in the last place that you saw me Kisses on your post card Stay with me we'll go far In a small and round about way I built up all my nerve to say... Will you love me now forever, I put the top down Get ready right now I'm waiting outside So let your hair down I ain't got a lot of money but I packed a lil lunch And I'm really really funny Or we can play cards Listen to ray Charles We all alone now Just us and these stars I can day dream all night with you Will you love me now forever?!
I had a beer and I’ll have another I lost my girl and I been fighting with my mother And if you came around You’d understand You were the only one to listen to me blobber And I have dream in the palm of my hands I had a plan she was a fan of my band We had a truce based on the truth Now I don’t understaannndddddddddddd OOOHHH OOOHHH OOHHH MYYYY PROBLEMMMMSSSS I COULD GIVE UP RIGHT NOW OR TRY AGAIN I had it all in the palm of my hands I left it all on the top the can If you picked it up then you can hang with my franz And think there is a lesson When I started obsessing And I don’t recall the settting but I know there was spaghetti And I’d bust that thing wide open If you told me I could get it OOOHHH OOOHHH OOHHH MYYYY PROBLEMMMMSSSS I COULD GIVE UP RIGHT NOW OR TRY AGAIN I REALLY THINK WE’RE WASTING OUR TIME I JUST WANNA MAKEEE YOU MINEEEE
Take Me Home 03:36
You gotta help me out Call up your friends and tell them don’t you dare come home And we won’t cause a scene Its just you and me Its been so long cuz I been gone And I’ll meet you at the bar Around 10:15 Or better yet lets make it 12 Or 12:15 I’m nervous now but I’ll be fine Its not like me So baby girl just let me know How its gonna be IF YOU WANT ME YOU KNOW YOU BETTER TAKE ME HOME I don’t need to brag Oh yeah I got that swag And its true I got my eyes on you So what you gonna do Sometimes I try to play it cool Knowing me Its just we’re running out of time So what’s it gonna be I won’t go Don’t you understand But I won’t stay I won’t hold you back I’ll just hold you close IF YOU WANT ME YOU KNOW YOU BETTER TAKE ME HOME …thoughts keep coming out my head and they’re all of coming home
Best Franz 03:43
Downnnn my heart is downnnn My heart is down down down In the back of my vannnn Its true you should’ve knoowwnn You shouldve knowwwnn Its just me and my franzzzz I LOVE CHILLIN WITH MY BEST FRANZ ME AND MY FRIENDS WE IZ THE BESTEST Youuu you shouda knowwnnn You shoulddda knowwnn Its us and them man Weeeee We had it all We had it all in the back of our van I LOVE CHILLIN WITH MY BEST FRANZ ME AND MY FRIENDS WE IZ THE BESTEST BEST FRANNNZZZZ YEAHHH!
NASA 03:46
I came over from the wildside I stayed there until it broke my heart. I mean the crazy. Like we ain’t leaving til the crack of dawn And then I found you You had a piece of mind And this is crazy WE ABOUT TO BLASSSTTT OFFFF JUST YOU AND ME YEAH WE ABOUT TO BLAST OFFFF WON’T YOU HOLD ME DOWN I came over for you baby I came over don’t break my heart I’m in your front yard And I ain’t leaving til you come outsideeee Don’t leave me hanging I got a heart of gold Anticipate me oh WE ABOUT TO BLASSSTTT OFFFF JUST YOU AND ME YEAH WE ABOUT TO BLAST OFFFF WON’T YOU HOLD ME DOWN I could take you there If you hold me down Don’t you know that I can take you there If you stick around ANYWAY YOU ROLL IT I WOULD BE THE BEST ONE YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE MY HEART BEATS FOR
What can I say? I loved you in the worst way I’m lonely now and I haven’t slept in 3 days So far so good I’m better off than last year I got my band and we gone keep on rocking so I KEEP ON DANCING I JUST KEEP ON DANCING UH HUH!! I was ridin’ on 4 hunnit Got a concert at bout 3 I ain’t never had no money I don’t ride in limousines And you can keep on talking That’s just minor frequencies We got all the love we need So above al things We gone KEEP ON DANCING I JUST KEEP ON DANCING UH HUH!! Here’s the part where I tell you that its gonna be okay. 3 hours before I sat down to type these lyrics I was at a local grocery store that allowed you to get cash back from a self checkout machine. I withdrew $40 and then I FORGOT IT. I went back and sure enough its gone and no one can help me. The manager told me that they could check the camera and at least see who took and possibly fire the employee if it were one. I told her no. Charge it to the game people. Life is so hard. And that’s without all the stupid mistakes we make as people. You gotta keep on dancing people. Dance right through the sadness if only to make it to the Joy in the Morning.
I’ll be the rock in your shoe Who messes up all of your feelings The sharp side of all of your truths Who sticks through the skin just to harm you And I’ll make sure that we both agree That last night was nothing but playtime And I’m sure by now you’d want to leave And tell all your friends that I’m going down BUT IF YOU STAY I’LL BE THERE IN THE END I’ll be the crack in your cane Who scares you when you think foundation And I’ll be that slight chance of rain That hangs over head when you’re lonely The smoke you can smell but can’t see You sense that there’s trouble but you do not know And I’m sure by now you’d want to leave And tell all your friends that I’m going down BUT IF YOU STAY I’LL BE THERE IN THE END I’m not a perfect man I’ve been across the land and I’ve Seen love both far and wide But I’m trying to do a better job There was a time when I Would disregard my fear of love But now I’m on hands and knees and I’m begging you to stay. But if you go I’ll use the money the fame forget about the pain I’ll use it. (now start the cd over and you’ll get what BIG BOY BALLER CLUB is all bout)
Outro 01:00


"What with Mike D busy getting photographed by the New York Times in his well-appointed Brooklyn town house, someone had to pick up the “Fight For Your Right (to Party)” mantle, or watch the whole enterprise given over to self-seriousness and poise. Enter Atlanta quintet Baby Baby, the perfect men for the job. Channeling the Beastie Boy’s silly irreverence and party-rockin’ spirit, Baby Baby blend pop/punk songwriting with a hip-hop swagger and an emphasis on the live experience, which is something akin to the party scene in a teen movie, only everyone there can drink, and the party’s actually fun.

Baby Baby convened in the summer of 2009, when singer/guitarist Fontez Brooks and drummer Grant Wallace shook off the sleepiness of the suburbs and set out to bring a new element to the Atlanta scene. Packed with unfriendly, broody artists, hostile hardcore kids and the strip-club rap scene on the creepy fringes, The A simply needed some fun rock. And that’s what Baby Baby — which has since expanded to include percussionist Colin Boddy, bassist Kyle Dobbs and Ryan Burruss on keys — delivers on their sophomore album, Big Boy Baller Club, the follow-up to 2011’s Money, out April 1 on the Gospel of Rhythm Recordings.

Baby Baby is a big, inclusive tent. There’s room under it for friends, foes, Nickleback fans, even haters; we all need someone to keep us in check, don’t we? All they ask is that you come ready to dance and make some new friends on the floor. They’ll take care of the rest."

"Bad Brains and Kings Of Leon had a baby that was styled by In Living Colour and was raised by Lamar of Revenge Of The Nerds" - Clark Westfield (The Gay Blades)

"Catchy, fun, and totally chaotic ...canned optimism of the Andrew WK variety." - Afropunk.com

"Whether it’s Fontez gargling his vocals like an inebriated Louis Armstrong then switching gears, and delving into a soulful, yet eccentric, singing style that brings to mind fellow Georgian Andre 3000, or Grant hammering the skins like he is stirring up a war dance while Kyle’s fleet fingers work his six-string bass with precision... it is obvious that these boys are having a blast. – Performer


released April 1, 2014

Baby Baby is:

Fontez Brooks (vocals)
Kyle Dobbs (bass, vocals)
Colin Boddy (aux percussion, vocals)
Grant Wallace (drums)
Ryan Burress (keys)

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 were recorded at Glow In The Dark Studies by Matt McClellan. The same tracks were mastered by Matt McClellan too.

Track 8 recorded at Matt Malpass's studio by Will Pugh.

Track 8 features Will Pugh on guest vocals.
Track 9 features Andrew Colella on viola.
Intro/Outro narration by Frank Harrison
Cover photo from the collection of Angelica Paez.
The rest of the artwork by Grant Wallace.

ALL music by BABY BABY


all rights reserved



The Gospel Of Rhythm Recordings Atlanta, Georgia

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